Consulting for bakeries

Modern bakeries are increasingly experiencing a massive shortage of skilled workers and are characterized by a wide variety of products on offer, a large number of technical aids and bakery equipment, and complex, mostly manual or partially automated processes.

The further development of the companies demands a large number of important and trend-setting decisions from the responsible machine operators, technical managers, branch and bakery managers, which have to be made with well-founded expertise.

Here we can support you with our expert advice. The aim is to find the optimum solution and the right degree of automation together. In addition to costs and profitability, the existing competence and the specific conditions of the production and organization are in the foreground.


Type and quality of the end products


Diversity, variability and future viability of the plant


Space requirements and configuration


Integration into existing plants and processes


Process reliability and quality


Operability of the equipment (robust, simple and efficient)


Cleaning possibilities (hygiene, construction, materials)


Service and maintenance


Energy optimization


Operator training even after years of operation


Quality auditing


Product and process optimization over years also for new products


Taking back or disposing of the old devices


Costs and possible financing possibilities

We help you clarify these important points and thus create a solid basis for your investment.
In addition to our range of high-quality machinery and equipment, we offer our expertise as a support service to our customers, essentially:

Technology and process optimization

New and improved processes, recipes and raw materials.

Performance and quality improvement, as well as reduction of production times and operational costs.

Process optimization for products for more freshness, volume and taste, etc.

Technologie- und Prozessoptimierung bei Backpartner

Bakery planning and automation

Automation and improvement of production as well as organizational structures.

Automation of bakery production by means of novel technologies and partners

Optimization of processes and monitoring through digitalization

Bäckereiplanung und Automatisierung<br />

Project Management

Implementation of project planning and automation projects

Support in the formulation of suitable invitations to tender, selection of technologies and machines, integration of the appropriate suppliers, implementation of projects up to acceptance, including definition of warranty modalities

Projektmanagement mit Backpartner

During a non-binding exploratory meeting, we will be happy to determine together with you how we can support you in your future plans. On this basis, we will prepare a customized service offer for you with an associated schedule and cost plan.

Technology and process optimization

Comprehensive analysis as the basis for quality improvements in the product and process

  • Marketing / Customer survey
  • Determination of target product parameters
  • Determination of dough guidance: direct or indirect dough guidance
  • Selection of suitable raw materials: drawing up specifications
  • Creating and evaluating samples
  • Possible feedback from test markets
  • Product definition: product list and specification (QA)

Bakery planning and automation

Possible areas for the use of robot technology

Areas of production Description Advantages for your business
Raw material handling Provision of raw materials mostly as bagged goods, typically on pallets Reduction of resource requirements, controllable and controllable process
Dough making, Flexible kettle fermentation systems Mixers transport, transport for reprocessing with or without kettle proofing Reduction of resource requirements; Integration into existing processes; Consistent doughs; Quality assurance can be well integrated
Dough transport including sheet handling Loading, unloading and transport of trolleys Reduction of resource requirementsIntegration into existing processes
Commissioning Transport of packaged fresh or frozen dough pieces to picking stations Reduction of resource requirements

Project Management

4 phases of project implementation



  • Needs analysis and brainstorming
  • Analysis of Customer needs
  • Rough concept and
  • Execution idea
  • Idea evaluation with the customer
  • Project planning
  • Supplier search and qualification


(targets and suppliers)

  • Tender
  • Cost targets
  • Development and design with interface definition
  • Possibly prototypes,
  • Pilot and test phase
  • Project management
  • Financing & Controlling
  • Shortlist and final selection



  • Delivery schedule
  • Insertion and assemblies
  • Interface testing
  • Dry runs
  • Rework
  • Complete commissioning
  • Acceptance with key performance indicators


(live operation)

  • Accompaniment of the production
  • Processing of the OP list
  • Monitoring of rectifications
  • Warranty and goodwill cases
  • After-sales service
  • Performance audits

Bakery machines & bakery supplies

Depending on the area of application, you will find custom-fit bakery machines at Backpartner for both small bakeries and large-scale operations. Furthermore, we can offer you necessary equipment, bakery tools, bakery accessories as well as automation processes. Get a first overview of our solutions for your bakery needs here.

Bäckereimaschinen | Teigmaschinen: Hebekipper, Portionierer & mehr

Dough mixers, lifting tippers, portioners & more

The result of dough kneading is reflected in the quality of the final product. First-class kneading is the basis for first-class products. We offer suitable bakery solutions that convince through quality.

Wasserdosiergeräte und Kühlgeräte für Ihre Bäckereitechnik

Water dosing and Ice water cooling machines

Precise bakery machines for water dosing and temperature adjustment are the prerequisite for consistent doughs with consistently high quality. You should not make any compromises here.

Bäckereitechnik (Teigband, Laminieranlagen)

Dough sheeting and laminating machines

Dough band technology in a compact design for bread products of the highest quality or as a multi-function system also for pastries open up new horizons in the bakery. Together we can develop new perspectives.

Bäckereibedarf (Stikkenwagen, Bäckereizubehör)

Bakery accessory: baking trollies, baking trays and forms

Baking pans and trays as bakery supplies are indispensable helpers in the bakery. We attach great importance to quality and are pleased when our customers enjoy our products for many years.

Teigteiler: Wirkmaschinen für Filialen & Industrie

Dough divider, dough former, long and round moulder and other dough make-up machines

Bakery machines for the classic way of bread production is always part of a modern production. If the focus is on high flexibility, maximum hygiene and the best economic efficiency, we are the right partner with our range of products.

You need support in selecting suitable machines and solutions?